Fair wages. Fair prices. Great product.  

Erbanica puts people first. Whether they’re our employed weavers in India, our manufacturers in Turkey, Belgium, China or Egypt, or our valued customers just like you in Canada or the United States – the people associated with Erbanica are valued through and through. And we make sure of that by paying fair wages, carefully selecting only ethical rug manufacturers to work with, and offering fair prices to end consumers.



From the talented person who weaves your rug, to the warehouse workers who packages it, to the managers who oversee day-to-day business activities, to the shippers who deliver the rug, to you who buys it…everyone involved in the Erbanica business model is treated with equality and respect. Our people make us the company we are today.


Feel good about the rug you buy

When you buy from Erbanica, not only do we want you to love your carpet but we also want you to feel good about your purchase. Know that even in an industry plagued by many unethical work practices and poor wages, there are still good companies out there – and we’re one of them. We pay our employees fairly, we vet our manufacturers and we pass on our savings to you.


Win, win, win

In this business, nobody needs to lose. Erbanica has carefully crafted its business model and daily work practices to reflect the best interests of everyone involved. We have happy employees because we pay them well, treat them with respect and they love what they do. We have happy manufacturers because we give them a lot of business, pay them fairly for their products and work collaboratively. And finally, we have happy customers because our shopping process is easy and enjoyable, our products feature impressive designs of the highest quality, our prices are among the most competitive in the industry, and our service revolves around the end consumer’s ultimate satisfaction.