Erbanica is a home décor company specializing in beautiful, unique and hand-woven rugs from India, Turkey, Belgium, China and Egypt. In our business, what’s most important is you. Our business model and process has been carefully crafted to bring you the world’s finest rugs without inflated costs and tiresome shipping hassles. By employing our own team of talented weavers and procuring from the best local sources overseas, we deliver to your doorstep stunning, trendsetting rugs of the highest quality, woven with care.


Family passion, through and through

Erbanica is the product of three generations of family business. Dating back nearly 70 years, our carpet exporting business began in the wholesale marketplace, bringing overseas rugs to furniture suppliers and dealers throughout Canada and the United States. Now, Erbanica is here to focus on you, our valued end consumer.


What makes us “tick”

At Erbanica, the driving force behind everything we do is our sheer love for the rug business. That’s right, we seriously love rugs! There is something indescribably satisfying about how we can conceptualize a real life experience into a new rug design, weave that rug and bring it to life, and then see it in the space where our customers choose to display it. It’s a beautiful experience from start to finish.


It’s a straight path

When you buy from Erbanica, you benefit from our direct, Point A to Point B model. What exactly does that mean? That every single rug we offer has either been hand-woven by one of our fairly paid experienced carpet weavers in India or sourced right from a reputable and ethical rug manufacturer in Turkey, Belgium, China or Egypt. From there, you place your order online through our website and we ship it straight to your doorstep. No middleman companies, no unnecessary handling, no inefficiencies.


From us to you, with love.

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